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Unique Creation


Unique Creation is a company which serves its customers products which are perfectly designed and precisely manufactured. In the year 2013, Mr. Kamal Bhushan along with a team commenced business activities and our company remarkably grown by presenting a spectacular range of Popcorn Machinery. The head office of our company is nestled in Ludhiana (Punjab, India) from where we function and meet demands of customers across the nation. We strongly believe in regular improvements, for which we have implemented the modern technologies and adopted latest ideas of production. This helped us enhance our capabilities and make us able to meet demands of new customers by serving them unmatched quality products.

Our Focus Area

First and foremost, quality of our products remains to be of utmost importance, which helps us in keeping ourselves true to the commitments of customer satisfaction and keeps us oriented towards their contentment. Following the quality are the areas of strategic planning, finance, sales & marketing, business planning, objectives and research. Focusing on such activities increases the value of the company and builds a tunnel vision. Focus areas are the foundation stones of our company and help us in better structuring and organization of our work, which ultimately makes it easier for us to achieve our goals. This increases our efficiency of distribution and allocation of resources and hence improves the functioning of our company. Below are some other factors on which we sincerely focus:-

Delivery of our offerings has to be punctual

That no other company offer lesser prices than us

Maintenance of ethical policies

Promise of Quality

What makes our company the most preferable business enterprise is our promise for quality. We strongly emphasize on serving our customers quality stainless steel gates and popcorn machinery, by adhering to norms which are regulated by international authorities. We sincerely follow the foretold norms so that what we manufacture and how we manufacture must remain under check. Each employee of our company understands our consciousness towards serving quality and gives their best efforts towards keeping true to our commitments. This quality has been a pillar for our company on which we have built our huge clientele and succeeded in this highly competitive market.